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Remcoll Developments

We build to achieve independent living & community inclusion

Remcoll Developments (RDL) is our in-house construction and development management team.

Remcoll Developments builds social and affordable housing, nursing homes, primary care centres and assets for the private housing market.

RDL's role is to organise and manage the construction of The Remcoll Group, or third-party, property developments. This is achieved through in-depth co-ordination and co-operation with RDL’s on-site contractors who carry out the build works. RDL have an established team which encompasses architectural design, project management and construction support infrastructures.

RDL In Action

We pride ourselves on creating homes and communities that will have a lasting, positive effect.

As the scale and ambition of the Remcoll Group’s projects grow, RDL have a responsibility to build homes that are sustainable and long lasting. RDL never forget the significance of working to the highest standards on every aspect of our developments.

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