About The Remcoll Group

Working to make a
social impact in Ireland.

Remcoll Values

Our team values

The work it takes to give a family the keys to their new home isn't easy, but our values keep us strong.

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Group of people putting their hands together
Child holding his hands to the sky

We have faith in what we do. We can only achieve our mission if we believe that we can do it, and that’s what drives us every day.


If we use our imagination, the possibilities are endless. Freedom for us is unlocking the team possibilities by letting them choose their own path in the organisation. If you want to do something, go for it! Limitations are only the ones you set for yourself.


Our drive and determination help us to get our work done, but what makes this organisation tick and achieve great things is the passion each individual puts in their work—putting their heart in what they do.

A sign saying "We Hear You"

As a family business, we prioritize empathy and value our relationships with each other. Empathy for us is the right combination between listening, respect and patience. To understand before being understood. Respecting each other by being patient and listening to what the other person needs to say. When all these factors are in place, empathy grows naturally!

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Going above and beyond the scope of work that is required. Means giving everything you got in each project we do.

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We are determined to continue what we are doing to accomplish our mission (no matter what!).


We don’t tend to do things by the book around here! Remcoll is made of brave and confident people who think outside the box and do things their way.

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We have a clear picture of what we can achieve, and we won’t stop working until we get it done.

Duty of Care

We have a responsibility of care towards our community, which pushes us every day closer to make our vision a reality.

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We are together in this! No matter what the challenges are, we always have each other’s backs—equally, our sense of community reachers far and beyond the office environment. We work daily with a social purpose.

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We don’t take ourselves too seriously, and we hope that our offices feel like a place where people can work but also have a good time!

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For us, Integrity is a core belief in our company culture –– following strong ethical or moral principles all the time, no matter who’s watching.